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Checklist for new kitten owners in Purleigh

March 14, 2020

If you’re about to open up your home to a kitten, our vet Jürgen has compiled a ticklist to help your new arrival settle in. After all, amid all the excitement that comes with getting a kitten it can be easy to overlook basics.

Hopefully the following will prove a handy guide but, as ever, the team at Edgewood Vets is happy to fill in any gaps when you contact us to discuss the matter further.

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Kit – the basics:

  • Food and water bowls
  • Litter tray
  • Cat bed
  • Grooming brush
  • A supply of kitten food
  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Scratching post

Health essentials:

Make an appointment with Jürgen to get your kitten’s overall health checked, arrange vaccinations and to discuss treatment to prevent parasites such as fleas and worms.

Kitten proofing:

It’s important to make your home safe for an inquisitive young cat. Make sure any chemicals or substances that might be toxic are kept securely out of the way, and check your garden for plants that are dangerous to cats. We can provide a list when you contact the team.

Make a safe space:

For the first few days your kitten might be a little shy. Cats are territorial so any change in surroundings will take a bit of getting used to. Prepare a small room or section off an area that is just for your kitten while it settles in. And make sure there’s plenty of bedding as kittens like to sleep – a lot.

Ground rules:

Let family members and visitors know that kittens need to be treated gently otherwise they may feel overwhelmed by too much attention. They like to be handled and stroked and will happily get used to it, but equally they need their rest.

So there you have the main basics to tick off and you’re ready to bring kitten home – you lucky thing. Remember we are here to answer any questions or for you to make an appointment for your new family member when you call us on 01621 828381.

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