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Our recommended pet insurance partner

Few people realise that most, if not all, pet insurance generally covers third party liability; that is, if your dog were to cause a road traffic accident with attending human injuries, liability, perhaps running into thousands of pounds, may have to be borne by you, that is, unless you have appropriate pet insurance.

There are a multitude of different providers of pet insurance with different policies. Essentially there are two types of policies; those that only cover a condition for one year, after which, an exclusion is placed on your policy to prevent further claims for that problem and those that are for lifetime cover. Lifetime cover means that, although your premium will be slightly higher than the annual policy, if your pet suffers from an ongoing disease, such as diabetes, the insurance company will continue paying part or all of your medicine and professional veterinary fees. I say “part or all of your costs” as this is dependent on the policy and provider you choose.