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You can review some of our recent testimonials below.

Louise – January 2019

I have 2 typically sensitive Rhodesian Ridgebacks, of which breed many vets seem to be wary of. I have to say though that I’m so impressed with Becky and Dan, who handled my Django perfectly! Vets like this are hard to find, so I would definitely highly recommend them. The girls at reception are very friendly, welcoming, and helpful too. Thank you for being so patient and giving Django time to get to know and trust you. Very efficient service.

30th January 2019

Catherine – December 2018

Merry Christmas all and thank you so much for looking after Jack so well for another year.

30th December 2018

Sophie – July 2018

Cannot thank you enough! Love from bracken and Sophie x

25th July 2018

Ashleigh – July 2018

I cannot thank Jürgen enough along with his team for the time, effort and love they have showed us the past few days, we had a very very poorly puppy who was only 9 weeks old (MAY) who unfortunately had to be put to sleep, however he tried everything for her to keep her here! Its the toughest thing and hardest thing to do but it was the best option for her! Once again i cannot begin to thank Jürgen and his amazing team enough, its very much appreciated!

20th July 2018