COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – an update for our clients.

Separate kennels

We have 4 separate kennel rooms at our Purleigh branch.

DOG KENNELS – We have a variety of different size kennels to house all shaped and sized visitors, from a 5kg Chihuahuas to a 70kg Great Dane, so there is an appropriate space for everyone who needs one.

CAT KENNELS – As a cat friendly practice we keep our cats and our dogs separate. This ensures all of our visitors are kept as calm as possible and reduces any additional feelings of anxiety. The cat kennels come complete with hidey holes or little houses so they can burrow away to make themselves more comfortable.

SMALL FURRY AND EXOTIC KENNELS – We have a small room dedicated to our visitors who may need some extra warmth, or a smaller, more easy to manage environment. We regularly have tortoises, rabbits and snakes with us and have a full vivarium set up for our reptiles.

ISOLATION – We have a small area set up for animals who are found to have infectious diseases, they are able to be isolated from others to prevent the spread of disease. Whilst this doesn’t happen a lot, we are prepared if it does and have a comfortable area where they can be cared for appropriately.

Our branches are all too small to have separate kennel facilities, however we have a good range of sizes at each branch and every step is taken to ensure the care and comfort of your best friend.