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Get your dog up to speed with technology

January 7, 2020

There’s always room on your device for another app or three, right? And if those apps are fun and practical for both you and your dog, even better. The team at Edgewood Veterinary Group have put their heads together and come up with a few suggestions to keep your pet stimulated and occupied for hours.

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Top apps for dog owners

  1. Fitness. Following the success of FitBit, it was only a matter of time before a dog-related version was developed, so we now have FitBark, which monitors your dog’s activity and lets you compare it with similar canine users of the device. You can even link it to your own FitBit and see how your daily steps stack up.
  2. First Aid. It’s always handy to have an at-a-glance guide in case accidents happen. Several apps provide this, including Pet First Aid from the American Red Cross.
  3. Communication. Concerned you’re not getting through to your dog? Try an app that translates your voice into animal sounds, such as Pet translator – Cat&Dog. Problem solved. Maybe.
  4. Tracking. If your dog likes to wander off and explore you might want to consider one of the apps that hooks into a GPS tracker you can attach to a collar, such as Tagg.
  5. Training & tricks. It’s never too late teach your dog some new tricks, or indeed up their training a level. Puppr offers visual guides and written instructions to make your dog the envy of the local park.
  6. Watch list. Always wondering what your pet’s up to when you’re not at home? Invest in a pet camera and put your mind at rest. Some are even equipped with two-way speakers, motion detection and night vision.

So there you have it, just a few of the useful apps that can make life easier and more fulfilling for you and your pet. There are plenty of others, including those on how to create a daily routine, keep track of your dog-related spending and find dog walkers/day care nearby.

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