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Enjoying quality time with your rabbit

January 21, 2020

While cats and dogs are the target of many a newly-released app, rabbits get a bit of a raw deal when it comes to funky technology. But that’s no reason for you and your pet to miss out on improved time together, as there are plenty of games out there aimed entirely at bunnies.

Some of them test mental agility, some of them put your pet through its fitness paces, still others offer ways to keep your pet in its best physical shape. The following is a selection put together by Edgewood Vet’s team, although there are plenty of others you might want to look into.

Happy playing, and if you have any queries regarding your rabbit’s health, remember our vet Jürgen can offer advice when you contact us.

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There are some great all-round toys available that will keep your pet occupied while you’re not around, such as the Rosewood Small Animal Activity Toy Bunny Fun Tree Boredom Breaker, with its chewable, scratchable posts and dangling ‘carrots’. It’ll have your pet hopping around and hopefully chewing on those carrots to keep its teeth in shape.

If your rabbit seems to need more in the way of mental stimulation, you can’t go far wrong with the Trixie Rabbit Snack Board, a treat-finding puzzler that rewards the ‘contestant’s’ ability to track down and retrieve hidden snacks.

The collapsible and portable Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel is easily adaptable for use by rabbits and other small furries, featuring three chutes to explore with some added surprises along the way.

For more chewable action – as well as some acrobatics to keep your rabbit in shape if it’s up for being taught – try Peter’s Woven Grass Ball. It’s specially designed to be chewed and scratched, helping to keep those fast-growing teeth and nails in check.

If you’re unsure about what product might suit your pet, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Edgewood Veterinary Group on 01621 828381 and someone will be happy to talk you through the options.

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