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Neutering, or spaying as it is called in females, or castration in males is the removal of the uterus and ovaries or testes.

If you are not considering breeding from your animal, or showing them, there are a variety of health benefits from having the procedure carried out, and it is referred to as a preventative treatment as it can eliminate certain illnesses or diseases that un-neutered animals may experience later on in life.

Some studies suggest that neutering can also be beneficial by reducing or eliminating aggression or unwanted behaviours that hormones can produce in some cases.

The decision to neuter is always the owner’s decision, and it is best to attend a consultation beforehand to talk through options, the procedure, recovery time and why it is best for your animal, or not on an individual basis.

Let our reception team know if you would like to talk through these options with one of the vets or nurses.

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