COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – an update for our clients.

Protocol for clients visiting our branches (Covid-19)

As of 07/09/2020 we have decided to reopen our doors to clients who will now be permitted inside the practice buildings. Health and safety and the control and reduction of risk of transmission of the Covid-19/Corona Virus remain one of our top priorities so we can protect you and our team and to reduce the risk of closure an internal outbreak may cause.

Before visiting please take a look at the new protocols we have in place:


  • If you have any of the main Covid-19 symptoms as listed below, are generally feeling unwell, have recently returned from a country that is on the UK list for quarantine on return or have come into close contact with someone who has or may have the virus please do postpone your appointment. Our team can give you guidance if you have been affected but have an emergency or urgent situation with your pet.



A high temperature – this means you feel hot on your chest or back

A new continuous cough – coughing more than normal or 3 or more coughing episodes in a 24-hour period

A loss of change to your sense of taste, smell, or both


  • Hand sanitiser will be outside every entrance to the practices. This must be used before entry. There will be additional hand sanitiser stations within the reception areas so please do utilise these as much as possible.


  • Masks or face coverings must be worn while inside the building without exception. If you have an illness or disability which prevents you from wearing one, then please let us know before your appointment where further guidance can be given, and adaptations may be possible. Refusal to wear a mask may result in either your appointment be delayed or cancelled.


  • Where possible we will try to create one-way systems for entries and exits, though in the smaller branches this may not be possible. Please be on the look out for new signage which will guide you with our new protocols. Staff members will be on hand to guide you and explain any new


  • We will be enforcing limits to the number of people we have in the building at any one time. In Purleigh it will be 6 and, in the Maldon and Burnham branches it will be a maximum of 3.


  • Social distancing of 1-2 metres is still being practiced within the building. Floor and seating stickers are in place to guide you where to sit and stand. Please observe these to help both our teams and any other clients that may be visiting.


  • We have a limit in place of one person per pet and currently we are not accepting children inside the building. If you are unable to attend without your children, it is important to contact us before your appointment so that guidance can be given and adaptations may be possible.



  • Perspex screens will be installed at each reception area to prevent droplet contamination and to protect against sneezing and coughing. We also have movable screens which may be used in consults or to separate areas depending on need. These are all in place for your safety so please help our team by staying behind the screens and continuing to practice social distancing.



  • Payments for appointments are being taken as normal. Where possible please do pay by card to again the risk of transmission. We will be regularly wiping our card machines and payment areas with disinfectant to protect you while you are making your payment.


  • Rudeness or aggression to any of our team enforcing the new protocols will not be tolerated. While accepting that everyone’s circumstances will be individual, we have decided upon a defined set of rules to help us better protect our team. Anyone who has any issued with the new protocols must speak to the manager who may be able to advise on individual circumstances.