COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – an update for our clients.

Protocol for clients visiting our branches (Covid-19)

In accordance with the governments new rules set to be enforced on Thursday 5th November which will create a 2nd lockdown we have had to make some changes to our set up as a business.

According to the latest BVA guidance we are able to continue seeing people inside and we will be doing this as the weather conditions are getting worse and it will be unfair to have both our team, clients and patients standing out in the cold and wet over what could be more than 4 weeks.

What we will do instead is tighten our set up inside and the following rules will apply:

– Clients can come into the branches but with reduced numbers (1 client at Maldon or Burnham at any time / 2 clients at Purleigh at any time) and clients will now NOT be permitted inside the consult rooms to allow for a better social distancing ability.

We will consult in the waiting areas and with one person in at the branches privacy shouldn’t be as much of an issue. At Purleigh we will be organising a few privacy shields to enable a nicer consulting experience for our clients.

– Appointments will be lengthened again to allow for more cleaning in between clients and an elongated consult process so appointments don’t overlap. Please help us achieve this by arriving on time for your appointment (not any earlier or later).

– Children will not be permitted inside and we will be strict with having only one person per pet – if this creates any issues for you please do just call in advance and ask to speak to the manager so we can organise an alternative.

– Clients will only be allowed in with a face covering with no exception. Again as above please call in advance if this is genuinely an issue for you. We can discuss the matter and organise an alternative which may mean being seen outside under shelter.

– The doors will be manned so if you are arriving for an appointment please knock/ring and wait, if you are collecting a prescription please do call in advance so we have it ready for you.

– Treatment wise we are back to seeing cases which are considered essential only. So any regular check-ups, nail clips and anal glands (unless causing a real problem) should be left where possible. We have had to suspend our nurse clinics so anything you may see them for may also have to be postponed.

We haven’t luckily had to change too much and are operating as a more cautious “business as usual”. We understand that all of the changes this year have been difficult and Covid for one reason or another has affected our community greatly. Please do continue to help us by abiding by the rules set for us by the government and being respectful of our team who have to enforce them.

To Summarise:

If your pet needs treatment, call our veterinary team for advice on 01621 828381.

Talk to our team at Chelmsford Road, Purleigh, Essex, CM3 6QR about what’s best for your pet at this time.

Reasons YOUR PET should go to the vets include:

  • Emergencies such as wounds, shock, stings, snake bites, poisons, toxic food consumption, seizures, GDV (bloat), trauma, etc.
  • They are undergoing treatment for a serious illness.
  • Unusual loss of appetite or a detrimental change in behaviour.
  • Their anal glands need emptying – blockages can be painful and lead to infection.

If your pet experiences any of the above, call us for advice on 01621 828381.

Together lets soldier on and try and fight this…