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Veterinary Nurse Training Practice 

Veterinary Nurse Training Practice

A Veterinary Nurse Training Practice is a practice that has been registered by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons as suitable for the formal training of veterinary nurses. Our student nurse attends a day release course, allowing her to learn the theoretical side of nursing whilst we, in practice, consolidate the practical with the theoretical knowledge. One of our registered veterinary nurses and a vet hold assessor qualifications, enabling them to mentor, guide and assess their student’s progress. All of our nurses have been trained at Edgewood with day release at Writtle College. We employ seven qualified veterinary nurses with a student veterinary nurse always in training.

Veterinary nurses work alongside veterinary surgeons in order to provide a high standard of care for your pet. Veterinary Nurses provide skilled supportive care for sick animals as well as undertaking minor surgery, monitoring during anaesthesia, medical treatments and diagnostic tests under veterinary supervision. Veterinary Nurses also play an important role in the education of owners on good standards of animal care. Veterinary nurses often assist the veterinary surgeon during surgery, to hold and provide instruments as required.

The nurse stays with your pet after the operation until all the normal reflexes have returned. We also employ a kennel maid who specifically monitors all the pets under her care, taking them outside onto our large lawn at regular intervals to urinate or defaecate, ensuring that their kennels are clean at all times and ensuring they are comfortable.

Most of our post-operative discharges are carried out by our veterinary nurses, advising clients of appropriate home care and booking re-examination appointments to ensure that your pet stays in good health. This approach allows us to monitor your pet’s health and should anything untowards come to light; we are able to treat it promptly. Your pet will be sent home with a post-operative home care sheet. If you accidently mislay it, a copy is available on the website.

As with any worthwhile job, the training required takes time, hard work and commitment - but those willing to put in the effort will be rewarded with a career offering variety, interest and daily contact with pets and their owners.

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