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Most of us are aware of the advantages of x-rays. Radiography of our pets is not quite as easy as in humans as they will seldomly keep still, lie in certain positions or hold their breaths when told to do so.

We tend to administer either a sedative or a general anaesthetic to our patients in order to obtain good quality x-rays. Health and safety preclude manual handling of your pets whilst radiographs are being taken.

We will take the minimum number of radiographs in order to confirm a diagnosis. This may mean that we take multiple views of, for example, a leg or joint. The cost to you therefore increases as more x-rays are taken.

We have a powerful modern x-ray machine which allows us to take x-rays of all the different body parts and also different species. This may mean taking an x-ray of a lizard and the next may be a Great Dane’s abdomen.

The x-ray plates are then processed through a modern digital processor. This allows improved health for the vets and nurses as there are no chemicals involved in developing the images and a faster processing speed, thereby decreasing the time your pet is under sedation or anaesthesia.

We sometimes use a contrast medium to allow improved visualisation of internal organs.

Dental radiography is now available at out Purleigh surgery. Just as your dentist will take x-rays of your teeth, we do the same in those cases that require it. This allows us to identify lesions that may not be visible on the surface of the tooth and make decisions as what to do with that affected tooth or teeth.

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