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Pre-Operative Information 

Operations, radiography (x-rays) and dental procedures are carried out Monday to Friday at our surgeries.

Pre-operative information:

  • your pet will be with us for the day for surgery / treatment
  • withhold all food from your cat/dog/ferret from 9pm the night prior to surgery / treatment and remove water when you get up in the morning of the surgery / treatment, unless otherwise directed
  • please ensure your pet is kept indoors the night before surgery (to ensure that he /she has not had any food)
  • rabbits, guinea-pigs, mice and rats do not need to be starved not do they require water deprivation unless otherwise directed
  • please bring cats in a secure basket and dogs on a secure collar and lead
  • please ensure that you have walked your dog prior to bringing them into the surgery
  • Your pet will be admitted by a nurse or vet. He or she will be examined, weighed and a signature requested on the consent form for the operation.
  • He or she will then receive a premedication injection in preparation of surgery. As with human hospitals, we have many surgeries booked in each day and somebody is at the beginning and somebody at the end. This means that your pet’s operation / treatment may be early or later in the day. Any emergencies admitted will take preference and ‘routine’ surgeries will be delayed.
  • We always start with clean procedures, such as ovariohysterectomies, castrations and lump removals followed by ‘dirty’ procedures such as dental extractions, descaling and polishing, abscesses lancing and flushing, anal sacs flushing and enemas.
  • Once your pet’s operation is finished and he or she is awake, we will telephone you to let you know. Your pet may not be awake enough at this stage for collection and we will request that you call us later that day to make an appointment for discharge by a nurse or vet
  • If you have not heard from us by 2.30-3.30pm on the day of surgery please telephone us (we may have been caught up in emergency surgery!)
  • The nurse or vet will go through all post-operative care with you when collecting your pet.
  • Payment is required at the time of collection. We accept cash and most debit/credit cards.
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