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Health examinations for adult and ageing pets 


We are happy to be able to offer our professional advice on adult and ageing pets. As our pet move from puppyhood, through their teens, into adulthood and into their senior years, their health requirements change.

Diets have to be adjusted according to their lifestyles. This may, for example, mean feeding more during the winter months if your pet is not kept indoors or feeding less if he or she is not exercised frequently. In their senior years many pets require a lower calorie diet to prevent weight gain.

An annual health examination, when their booster vaccination is administered, allows us to check their teeth for dental disease, ensure that they have been dewormed every 3 months, treated for fleas every month, that their joints are still in good condition and that no subclinical disease is present. Identification of any early stage disease allows more successful treatment and a longer healthier life for your pet.

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