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Eye Pressure Testing 

Eye pressure testing for glaucoma
(increased pressure within the eyes causing pain and blindness)

Glaucoma is a painful condition that will often result in the loss of sight in dogs that are affected. In the majority of cases, you will not be aware of the changes occurring in your pet's eyes until they appear red, painful and possibly enlarged.

We are offering you the opportunity of detecting this condition at an early stage through measurement of the eye pressure, having recently invested in a state-of- the-art digital tonometer (a device that measures the intraocular pressure), the Tono-Pen AVIA Vet® Veterinary Tonometer.

Measurement of your dog's eye pressure is a non-invasive procedure and requires the instillation of topical local anaesthetic drops into the eyes.

The following breeds are more likely to suffer from glaucoma. However, primary glaucoma has been documented in almost every breed.

Afghan Hound    American Cocker Spaniel    Basset Hound    Beagle 
Bouvier des Flandres    Cairn Terrier    Chihuahua    Chow Chow  
Dandie Dinmont Terrier     English Cocker Spaniel   
Fox Terrier      Great Dane    Italian Greyhound     Keeshound
Manchester Terrier     Miniature and Toy Poodle      Norwegian Elkhound   
Sealyham Terrier    Siberian Husky     Welsh/English Springer Spaniel

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