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Heart Investigations 

If a dog or cat is diagnosed with a heart complaint by one of our vets, further investigations may be appropriate. Blood tests, chest x-rays and an electrocardiogram tracing (ECG) are the initial steps in elucidating your pet’s cardiac problem.

Edgewood Vets - Cardiology Referrals

If your pet’s heart rhythm is abnormal on clinical examination, the veterinary surgeon may suggest chest x-rays and an ECG. An ECG allows us to record the rhythm of the heart so that abnormalities can be detected and treated appropriately.

If the problem diagnosed warrants a referral to a veterinary cardiologist, we are able to provide this service at the Purleigh surgery. Daniela Birn-Jefferies is able to do a detailed cardiological examination and echocardiogram of your pet’s heart.

The ECG is done in conscious animals. In very nervous animals a light sedative may be required. A small amount of hair is clipped from the elbows and stifle joints and clips attached the skin, with a small amount of gel to allow good electroconduction. Recording of an ECG does not cause any pain or discomfort.

Chest x-rays are commonly done under general anaesthesia to attain high quality x-rays. If we consider your pet’s health too compromised by existing heart disease, we may opt for a conscious chest x-ray. Echocardiography is generally carried out with your pet conscious but if he or she is very nervous, then a light sedative may be required.

Please feel to contact our Purleigh surgery for further information.

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