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Bandage Care 

It is vitally important that your pet’s bandage does NOT get wet.

  • Bandages always appear a lot larger than the wound.
  • In the case of a leg injury, it is always necessary to enclose the foot to prevent blockage of venous drainage and therefore swelling of the foot and resultant problems.
  • Animals must be kept quiet when they have a bandage on them.
  • They should always have an Elizabethan collar or muzzle on them to prevent them from licking or chewing the bandage and damaging the limb / area or even swallowing the entire bandage, requiring surgical removal.
  • Patient interference can indicate that the bandage is uncomfortable or that there is irritation or pain beneath it and this should be investigated by a nurse.
  • A Robert-Jones bandage is a highly padded bandage which is used for immobilisation of limbs and also used for decreasing or preventing swelling of the foot.
  • Do not miss your follow-up appointments with our vet or nurse.
  • Any evidence of odour, swelling, discharge, skin irritation or wetness due to the wound itself (discharges or blood) should be heeded.
  • Occasionally inflammation, chafing or even pressure sores may develop from bandages. It is vitally important to keep your animal quiet.
  • When taking your pet out to the toilet please ensure that the bandage is covered with an impervious plastic bag. Use the plastic bag provided. Ensure you remove the plastic bag once your pet is inside again and check that the bandage is dry.
  • It is important that the dressing does not become soiled or wet from environmental factors (e.g. urine, water, mud). If the bandage gets wet before your follow-up appointment, please make an urgent appointment (i.e. within hours) to see a nurse to check the bandage.
  • If your pet’s bandage slips down please arrange an appointment as soon as possible for a re-dress
  • If your pet becomes depressed or goes off its food, then please contact us for advice.
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